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Gaming and Commercial Systems Demand More PCs

Intel’s interim CEO Bob Swan issued an unusual letter that contains Intel’s tight supply concerns. He has highlighted increasing demands of PC is the major cause of supply shortage.CEO Bob declared that “Strong demand for gaming as well as the commercial system is the cause of supply Shortage”.Higher demand fixed with extraordinary production concerns for […]

Email Marketing Website Review

Email marketing software reviews Below, I’ve reviewed each of the email marketing tools mentioned above in great detail. Admittedly, every solution has both upsides and downsides. I’ve tried to keep each review as neutral as possible, highlighting both the good and the bad. GetResponse GetResponse are an exceptional underdog in the email marketing space. In […]

Why should I use MS Windows?

Microsoft Windows is the dominant operating system, we all agree with that. Its share of the world operating system market is high above the 80% mark according to many statistics[1]. How accurate these statistics are is a subject to a different debate, it’s undoubtable however, that if we look around it’s unlikely that we’ll see […]

Malware on Websites 2 – ActiveX and Facebook

“Drive-by” infections are possible through browser and plug-in vulnerabilities, which malware creators take advantage of. A vulnerability is a software or hardware weakness which can be a means in breaching the security of a target computer[1]. The web technologies most often exploited, i.e. taken advantage of, in terms of malware are AcvtiveX, JavaScrypt, Java, HTML, […]