Why should I use MS Windows?

Microsoft Windows is the dominant operating system, we all agree with that. Its share of the world operating system market is high above the 80% mark according to many statistics[1]. How accurate these statistics are is a subject to a different debate, it’s undoubtable however, that if we look around it’s unlikely that we’ll see a different operating system being used by someone.

Windows, due to many very sound reasons, has a large group of followers and opponents, some being both at the same time, regardless of how ridiculous this sounds. This last group which I’ve mentioned are those who keep using MS Windows, in spite of complaining about it all the time as well as expressing shear hatred towards Microsoft’s founder, and not seeking or daring to use alternatives.

There is also the group of “unaware”, which seems to me to be the largest of all. Those who fall under it simply go with the flow, meaning, they either buy a computer with a pre-installed Windows system or buy and install Windows because everyone else they know uses Windows.

All in all, it’s good to know why you’re using something and whether you stick with it or not is based on a conscious choice rather than on a marketing strategy. Windows is just an operating system with its pros and cons and that’s how it should be treated. It’s better for some things, it’s worse for other.

As to the desktop systems to choose from there is no large choice unfortunately. There is MacOS, a good system, but it doesn’t give you much freedom as it works exclusively on Macs and Macs only.  There’s Linux and its 600 varieties which is becoming more and more user-friendly hence popular . And Windows, most often pre-installed on laptops and desktops.

Here’s a couple of reasons in a random order why you should consider using Microsoft Windows :

  1. Multimedia – considering multimedia, especially video processing, Windows has a considerable advantage over its rivals as it simply does it better at lower resources.
  2. Gaming – there’s very few games released on other operating systems. Windows very well handles graphics.
  3. Multi-head display – the support for multi-display usage is very good and simple.
  4. Hardware support – in case of some hardware there are no drivers for other OSs and often if they are they are badly written.
  5. Multimedia streaming in a home network – one of the greatest features of Windows 7, easy and simple to set up.
  6. Large company networking – companies rather use Windows as their main client operating system. While it is possible to connect a Linux or Mac machine to a Windows domain there may be problems with compatibility concerning some requirements the company may have. The same concerns the support which would be very limited or none for a non-Windows PC.
  7. Some software is written for Windows only – there is software which is written exclusively for Windows and will not work on a different OS. Although this has been addressed by the Linux developers by the creation of a compatibility layer called Wine[2], this still is not a complete solution to the problem.
  8. Involvement in IT – though it may not be obligatory at first, if you have or plan to have a lot of contact with IT probably having Windows will be a necessity at some point.

I can hardly think of anything else as to why I would prefer a Windows operating system over a different one. Other than that I do find Linux much more functional than Windows. I don’t think of MacOS too much as it’s way out of reach for a regular person due to being overpriced, but that’s a subject for different post . Many may think about Windows that if you’re not buying it separately it comes for free, but this is not true. The price of the operating system is simply included in the overall price of the computer. The same PC without the OS would be much cheaper.


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Updated: May 27, 2019 — 10:33 am

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